Claire being a sassy 50s lady

I was so self-conscious at the start of my ‘50s diner’ photoshoot, but Mathieu really put me at ease and in no time, I was having a ball! I really surprised myself!
Claire Buick

If you are looking shots for yourself, or any other type of photographs, the best is Mathieu Decodts Photography.
Ross Moneypenny
I have done a few model portfolio shoots with Mathieu Decodts and have always received wonderful results. 
He is very easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely suggest Mathieu to anyone looking a talented photographer and can't wait to work with him again!
Nicole Irvine



I’ve worked with a number of photographers, and none compare to my shoots with Mathieu Decodts and the final results. A few years ago, I did a photoshoot after losing weight and regaining my self-confidence and following lots of compliments, I took the plunge and put them on a modelling site. Mathieu got in touch and I felt an instant connection when we first chatted; he put me at ease and our first shoot was so much fun – a lot of laughing with great pictures at the end; one of which is my absolute favourite.

I came away from the shoot happy and confident, smiling and looking forward to seeing the finished results - but I also came away with knowledge and an understanding about photography and modelling. While Mathieu works he explains what he’s doing, and I got hints and tips on posture, how to work my curvy body, and use props. I have done a few shoots with Mathieu and have loved each one. His shoots are characterised by trust, professionalism, fun, knowledge, hard work and dedication, as well as his easy-going nature and passion for his photography.

I love how he is able to find a persons passions and what makes them tick - he takes into consideration who he is working with, their abilities, worries, what they love about life and themselves, and puts them at ease while bringing out their absolute best. 
Ellie Arthur