Photography help "You must have such a good camera...."

Have you ever said this to someone who takes nicer pictures than you? Shame on you.

What ever camera you have, have a watch of some of Digital Rev's pro tog cheap camera videos. 

Watched one? Or maybe a few? Now think:


Does the cooker you have determine how good a cook you are? If you bought an expensive grand piano would that somehow make you a better pianist? If you bought expensive paint and brushes would that make you an awesome artist? 


No of course not, good tools help but you have to know how to use them what ever you are doing! 


So why do folks think the camera you have is the only factor for good pictures? The fact is any camera can make good pictures in the hands of a skilled photographer. I like to remind myself of this when I lust after new camera gear. I really don't need a new camera and chances are neither do you. If your camera has a PASM dial you have everything you need to start taking better pictures. Even if it doesn't you can massively improve your photography by learning about composition. That is something you can learn without a camera at all, you just need to learn to see! 


So respect good photos and the folks that took them, invest time in your photography, not money. It is a free way of improving your pictures with the camera you already own.

Here are two pictures I made, one with a £300 starter DSLR type camera and one with a £3000 pro camera. Which is which? Hard to tell? Is one picture ten times better than the other, I mean the pro camera cost ten times more!


A lot of this is subjective anyway but the second picture is with the pro camera, but far more importantly, an extra years experience shooting. I can promise you any improvement in my photography over the year has been through experience. I think I might go out and do my own pro tog cheap camera challenge. I'll sneak the results on here and see if anyone notices!