Want help improving your photography?

So I want to help everyone get better at modelling for, posing for and taking pictures.

I had asked via a poll on Facebook what to start with and the winning topic was posing but several people asked for help with taking pictures too.  I will be doing posing advice for a while so those who want to improve their photography can get a head start and read this book.  

Out of all the stuff I have bought this was by far the biggest bang per buck of anything.  It is a book by the awesome Tony and Chelsea Northrup and the book includes links to over 7 hours of video tutorials on how to take great pictures.  And.... they update the book regularly for free! You also get access to their great Facebook community that help each other by giving feedback on posted pictures.

It is just slightly more than the price of a pint electronically and less than £20 for the paperback either way money well spent.  Give it a try, you can even read a few pages of it for free if you follow this link: