Story behind the shot: Number 2

Next up in this series is this lovely metallic themed head shot. For a long time, I had the idea of a woman as if like a precious metal, coming out of a rock face. I had also done some experimenting with a metallic shimmer for lips and wanted to try it out. I will reveal the surprising secret at the end.


Anyway, the idea was to have a woman in gold leaning upon the rock face as if part of it. I contacted a local model interested in collaborating together and discussed the shoot.  She got a dress from Amazon, I hunted down a bronze gold lipstick and a proper gold metallic nail polish and a location.


I looked at lots of locations. Despite searching high and low for weeks, I ended up finding the perfect place very close to my own home, Belshaw quarry, just outside Lisburn!


On the day of the shoot, everything went great, I got “the” shot. The one that makes me feel that I achieved what I set out to do when I can make real the vision in my head.  


After the shoot, the model asked for a nice headshot for her portfolio, so I packed away the paraphernalia from the shoot and used a simple set up.


I deliberately posed her in front of the rock face to mirror her golden skin tone and green eyes with the rocks and moss behind her.


Oh and that secret lip trick? Cake frosting.  A metallic gold edible cake topping! A normal bronze lipstick with a sprinkling of sugar frosting patted on top.  Just be sure to use sugar-based frosting, not the decorative non-edible variation.  

I hope you liked this story, if so, share it with your friends, maybe try the lip trick yourself and tell me about your results? Hope to see you next week for a uniquely colourful and black and white shot.