Story behind the shot: Number 1

When showing my paper portfolio to people I always like to explain a little of what went into each shot, the story behind it.  I decided that I would go through and explain why I recently chose each shot for my portfolio and a little of its story, once a week every Friday, here on my blog.

2016-02-03_12-52-44 (Custom).jpg

This is a shot of a young woman who participated in a project I was involved in helping folks who suffered from various disabilities look and feel fabulous. For the event Photographers and Makeup artists gave their time and skills freely to these folks with disabilities or health problems as a way of giving back.

I really like this idea because I know in my heart that everyone has some beauty, it is just a matter of coaxing it out and capturing it.  I particularly like this shot because it was actually after the event, just before she headed home.  I didn't get the opportunity to shoot her because there were three photographers volunteering, so we each shot different people.  When she got changed to head home I could see she was a lot more relaxed and chatty, so I had her stand in front of a plain wall and posed her to accentuate her face and eyes.

Of course, the professional makeup artist did a great job with her, but it was her piercing blue eyes that really stand out for me here.  I really like that I made her feel beautiful and for her, slimmer.  She would call herself "plus-sized", but I hope this isn't the first thing you the viewer notices about the picture, just that she is beautiful, because she is.


How do you like this story behind the shot? Let me know If there is anything else you would like to know, I can include these details in future stories and if you want to support me please share it where ever you hang out online.