Practice makes perfect, even for me!

My artistic vision has always exceeded my photographic ability. That's a good place to be but its means sometimes I have ideas i can't realise in practice.

Take this shot a few years back:



I lacked the Photoshop skill at the time to remove a lot of the issues around Colleen, so I just amped up the contrast to cover them up. 


It is a decent picture but could be much better.


Here is the original for reference:




Thats right the ball is real. I hated photoshop back then, in fact I still do! So I made the light from some LEDs, a big plastic present holder bauble and a battery pack! 

(See the wire around back?)

Now though I am finally building up a skill set in Photoshop, so I tried to go back and revist this so it better matched my original artistic vision. 

Much happier with it now, wires and arm rail are out, so the reflection in the dome can now stay, I had to sacrifice it last time!


What do you think? I actually met the model, Colleen, in Starbucks before the shoot. The reason I mention it is because I turned on the globe in the coffee shop to show her it before we headed to the shoot. I can still remember the shocked looks from all around :) I knew it was awesome as a prop but the picture never captured that, until now. As always keep practising, be that shooting, posing or editing, you can only get better.