Posing advice: Making tummies look smaller

Do you have a bit of a tummy?  Men tend to get a pot belly that sticks out pregancy style while women get a bit of shape all round, out the front and to the sides.


So how to minimize it on camera?


First picture is normal posture with no tweaks at all

First thing to do is turn a little to the left or right


Depending on how much tummy you have at the front and the sides you will need to turn more or less, and sometimes better straight on. You can work this out yourself by looking in a full length mirror.


Next is the tweak, bend at the waist a little. Also stick your bum out away from the camera while pushing your chest towards the camera.  It should feel a little uncomfortable but the result is your bum and tummy move away from the camera making them smaller and your chest and shoulders move towards the camera making them look bigger.

Not bad for 5 seconds?  DONT suck in your stomach, it will make your tummy look smaller, but it will make your shoulders, neck and face look tense!  If you follow the tips above your tummy will look smaller without sucking it in and making your tense all over.  


Have a practice yourself in the mirror at home