Posing advice: Lips

So lips, eh? Surely you can't do anything with them, I mean they are so small anyway, right? Well wrong, you can pose your lips! As normal with this type of advice, photos all have the same sizing, lighting and processing, only posing differs shot to shot.

Lips then, want to make them fuller and more alluring? Easy!

First up these are normal un-posed lips

Next we have one simple addition, breath through your mouth.

Just breathing through your mouth parts your lips slightly and in a natural way.  It also makes both the top and bottom lip look fuller because they are not pressed together.  


This should help immediately, but what if you have a problem lip? Top or bottom?


Look at these two examples:  See how the first model has a small top lip and the second has the opposite problem?

How do you go about fixing this? Well first you need to know that these are both the same model.  So how was she able to make her lips look so different in two photos mere seconds apart? Head angle.  In the first picture I had the model angle her head down, this makes her top lip smaller and the bottom lip bigger.  


Then in the second picture I had her angle her head upwards, this has the opposite effect, it makes the top lip bigger and the bottom one smaller.



So I bet you can see where this is going?

If you have a small bottom lip, head tilt down.

Small top lip head tilt up,

both small, breath through mouth! and you can do combinations too.

Great huh? But don't go crazy!

Don't and I mean don't purse your lips unless you are going for a actual blown kiss in the picture. A half pursed kiss makes your mouth muscles all stretched like this: 

It also ruins the shape of your lips, making them a oval rather than the normal curvy lip shape.


So there you have it, you can pose your lips! Practice in the mirror and have fun :P Or alternatively have a look at my model for a day package (Click Here) and get in touch to discuss how you can learn this and more yourself.