Posing advice: Hair

Posing your hair! What really I hear most people say? Well yes you can 'pose with your hair'.  Although this is mainly for the ladies with medium to long length hair.   You know in some cultures women are not allowed to show their hair in public? This is because it is such a central part of their femininity and allure. So use your hair! 

In the first picture the hair is in just down at the back.

That is lovely but a bit plain.  Now if we put it in the shot by bringing it over the shoulders you can see an immediate difference.

Its much more interesting now and helps frame and soften your face.  

Or all down one side like this creates a nice curve and helps lead the viewer to your eyes

Another option is to plait it this allows you to draw attention to your eyes or down to some other point of interest depending on the length and direction of the plait.

So if you have long hair.  Then use it, you can put your hands in it to give them a purpose or use it lead to a focal point on your body.  Your hair can be used to give a lovely feminine touch to a picture.