Posing advice: Getting Rid of Double Chins

This weeks top posing tips are for your chin and neck. Before we start each of these photos is from the same camera, lens and lighting with the same post processing. I haven't done anything in photoshop to remove anything, posing is the ONLY difference between each shot.

So the big issue first, double chins and how to avoid them. Unfortunately we all have one, no matter what size or shape we are. We all can get a double chin in pictures, especially when you laugh.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, instinctively contracts their neck and throws back their head when they have a genuine laugh (1st Picture). Stick thin models, to sumo wrestlers, everyone gets a double chin when they laugh. It is not about being thin or fat. It is about your skin and how taught or loose it is. So now that's out of the way, this is how to fix it.

You need to tighten up that skin! Look at the 2nd and 3rd pictures, 2 is with a few tweaks, 3 is a normal pose.

Hopefully you can see the difference?


So how do you do this step by step? First tweak is to push your whole face towards the camera(4th picture), like a little chicken impression or 'walk like an Egyptian' if your old enough to remember. 

Next a little head tilt to the left or right(5th picture) (more on this with head posing another time)

 then lift your chin up (6th Picture).

Now you look awesome but your head is pointing up and away so bend forward a little at the waist so your face is forward again (7th Picture).

When you put all this together what you get is a lot of muscles in your neck, shoulders and face pulling that skin taught, so any double chin will be reduced or eliminated all together, you neck and chin are now far away from your chest so they are all stretched nicely too. Hopefully you can see the results! Anyone can do this, when they are getting their picture taken any time! Not just by a pro photographer like me, you could even do this with a selfie yourself, give it a try, post your results before and after here in the comments