Photography Help: Think Outside The Box

So what is the difference between being an Artist and a Photographer?

I have always been an Artist but only took up photography properly about 5 years ago. So I have done both, though they are not mutually exclusive.

In my view I would say the difference is creative vision.  Anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a Photographer, but could you buy some paint and brushes and call yourself an artist? (Maybe, having seen some of the modern art about at the minute !lol!)

Seriously though I call myself an Artist because I am always thinking of new creative ideas. Even when I am not shooting I am looking for locations and thinking about fresh new ways to do something different with my photography.

For example I have been interested in shooting a UV style shoot for some time. I was thinking a Scifi theme, something that looks like it was done in photoshop but is actually real.

I shot this as a test with my daughter. Isnt she cute?


It was shot using a UV light and UV lipstick and nail polish.

So why isnt it like a normal UV picture, all purple?

Well it was to begin with, I just took a test shot with a colour chart to correct it to normal afterwards.

I want to do something very modern and unique as a fashion shoot so I of course am testing my ideas out first!  That is maybe what defines an artist, having an idea, testing it, planning it, then making it real?

So why is this post called think outside the box? The UV source is just some cheap purple theatre light gel from ebay on my flash and the bracelets and hair band are actually those little road safety reflectors for your arms or legs when riding a bicycle at night!

So try new things and when your are deciding what things to try think outside the box!