Macro photography

Hey folks, just another quick picture to share what has been keeping me off the blog.  Got myself a new macro LED ring light for portrait use.  Its great for portraits but decided I would try to use it for macro work, what it is intended for!  Woa what a cool area of photography, loving the pictures you can make up close.  Look at the lovely rose I bought my wife for valentines day (waste not want not after the big day!)


It just seems so much more intense up close, dont you think?


All made possible with this super cheap light, check it out if you are interested, the Nikon one works on my Sony a7r  without  one minor feature (preflash focus adi) but if you have a Canon or Nikon just pick the right one and this will work too. It also doubles as an awesome video light (more on this if I every get my youtube channel up and running!)