Posing advice: Hands

So first up in the posing advice, Hands! The basic rule when posing with hands is "use them or lose them". So what does this mean, well basically don't put you hands in the picture unless they are doing something. It looks weird if your hands are just kind of in shot, but if they are holding your hair or your waist (more on faux waist soon) it looks fine because that is the way ladies stand. Now the hard part once your hands are in shot is making sure they look ok. Basically present the whole hand to camera or none of it, here is a wee example. 

See how in the first shot it looks like a finger has been amputated?

 It is quite easy to pose like this without realising, but if you are showing your hand to camera make sure all 4 fingers are in shot, and ideally spread out a little. 

Generally exceptions to the rules are fine if it seems normal, like this hand in a pocket. Everyone does this so it doesn't look weird.

So in future remember to think about your hands when posing, it can be the difference between a good shot and a stunning shot!