Great Scott! Always carry a camera!

So I was in Belfast this morning meeting a model to hand over a big ass framed print she ordered.

DSC02859-3 (Large).jpg

As she doesnt know town well we agreed to meet a Belfast CIty Hall. 

I was early like I always am, and for a change was rewarded!

This was just delivered and unveiled and I caught the creators snapping some pics with their amazing project.


Taking a chance I introduced myself and asked if I could take a picture, they obliged.


Im such a Sci-fi nerd and a massive fan of the films too.

Because its an awesome 80s film, here is is again 80s style with a lens about the same age as the film!


Such a treat to see such a labour of love in person.

Check out the project on

or the carpenter who built it!

I need an excuse to hire a carpenter now......