Always look around

I just wanted to share a little story from shooting today.  I am trying to broaden my horizons, no pun intended, and get better at landscapes.  I always find them hard to shoot because landscapes don't have eyes to peer into! This is why I so love shooting people and animals, but it makes a landscape difficult for me to compose.


 Anyway I was out in the car this morning and saw a beautiful sunrise. So I stopped at the side of the road at the first place I could which happened to be some barren land that has become a illegal dumping ground.  I stood on some of the garbage and got some okish shots of the sunrise.  Just as I was heading back to the car though I looked down and noticed this awesome little diamond in the rough, a literal angel peering our of the junk at me and knew immediately because of the strong textures it would make a cool B&W.  So I just wanted to share it here and remind folks that regardless of what you intend to shoot when you put your camera to your eye be sure and look around your surroundings for other shots too.