Along side Lindsay Adler! Thanks Good light magazine

So today I got my first big international acclaim by being featured in Good Light Magazine.  What I didn't know what until I saw the final magazine was that I am being featured along side Lindsay Adler!  Lindsay is a New York based photographer who's work I really admire.  She has such creative and vibrant work.  It is so great to be featured in the same magazine with someone I look up to so much!

Obviously I cant publish the article here, it was for the magazine, but please do check it out at the link above. It was based on a concept I came up with to create beautiful light trails in a portrait photograph.  I also did a little video explaining how the light painting tool works and showing of some of the pictures from the main article. Check it out below.


This is one of a number of videos I am planning on photography so please like, comment and subscribe.  I dont know of any other Northern Ireland based professional Photographers running a youtube channel so I would really appreciate your support.