Posing advice: Legs

This weeks posing advice is legs.  This is only a little tip but it makes a massive difference.  Don't be tempted to point both feet at the camera.  If you point both feet forward your legs will be straight up and down, boring and unflattering, like this first picture.

If you point one foot to the side so you have, for example, a 90 degree angle between them both then you will be showing a calf muscle and thigh on one leg and the shin and knee on the other. This leads to a much more interesting and flattering photo.  

This is also much more feminine too. This is just a simple tweak from standing, but whatever way you are posing try  not to have your legs too straight, it is generally unflattering.  Even with a little curve your legs will look more shapely so give it a try. 

If you want a boost without much work, put on a pair of heels, while they do make you taller they also lift your calves (and your bum!) to make them look more shapely.You can compare the previous pictures with these heels ones to see this (same poses). 
Again don't be afraid to stand in front of a full length mirror at home and practice these poses and see how a wee differences to the way you stand affects your overall look.