About my work

I’m Mathieu Decodts, a professional photographer specialising in contemporary portraits and beauty photoshoots.

For me, photography is simply the natural conclusion for what has, so far, been a life defined by visual art and how I see things.

I’m very short-sighted, and this was misdiagnosed at a young age, so I actually didn’t get my first pair of glasses until I was thirteen years old!

I had years of straining to read the classroom board, learning to recognise my friends by whatever visual clues I could (like body language), and generally making an effort to see the world around me.

So, when the optician suddenly brought the world into focus it was a dramatic turning point in my life.

The skills of observation I was forced to develop while I was struggling to see really came into their own once I got my glasses. I find that I notice the smallest details – particularly things like colour and lighting – and I believe it’s part of what makes me so good at the type of photography I do.

Creativity, imagination and artistic vision are my driving passions and there truly isn’t a corner of my life untouched by my desire to create and capture visual beauty in the world – it’s something I just can’t switch off!

My photography is always based on strong, original, creative visual concepts, shaped by the client and supported by my expertise.

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About me

I live in Lisburn in Northern Ireland with my beautiful wife and our three lovely children. I’ve always had a talent for art, excelling in things like painting and sculpting at school.

My Granda gave me my first taste of photography when I was a child. I’ll always love film photography for the quality of the images, but I also enjoyed the instant feedback my first digital camera afforded me. Being able to see the picture you have taken straight away allows you to learn and improve your photography more quickly.

I still have a connection to older equipment and today I still favour some of my classic manual lenses and mainly carry these in favour of modern autofocus lenses.

Great photography is less about the fancy kit in your bag, and more about the connections you have – so I use the cameras and lenses I’m personally fond of and focus entirely on the person I’m working with and the creative concepts they want us to create together.

I honestly love nothing more than connecting with a client, making them laugh, finding out what makes them tick, and bringing out their very best to give them a beautiful photograph.

I’ve spent years studying modelling and posing techniques, developing my knowledge of physiology, body shapes, clothing, colour, lighting and much more.

And while that background knowledge is useful in a photoshoot, my main focus is the person in front of me and the creative concept we are working towards.

Anyone can learn how to use a camera, but what I have – as well as the specialist knowledge and unique creative artistic vision – is the fact I simply love people; so, it’s a joy to work with them.

Everyone is unique, and I want to help people realise their own inherent beauty. The only difference between you and the stars that fill magazines and Instagram feeds is that they have good make-up, great lighting and they know what to wear and how to pose. It’s all just make-believe – but it’s fun and I give people a taste of it!

All images copyright Mathieu Decodts. All rights reserved.